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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vacation Tracker on Android - LungoJs

After hanging around a lot with PHP and CSS, development of web apps for PC's got somewhat monotonous. Hence, I decided to move on to develops web apps for the tablet and the smart phones. Being the possessor of a Sony Xperia U, Android was the obvious choice of platform. Instead of hard coding the entire application with javaScript I decided to use the framework called LungoJs. The first look at the framework convinced me that it is definitely cool, but lack of documentation and support made it really cumbersome. It took a hell lot of time for me to figure out how to use the Framework. At this point I must tell you that it is not at all that tough as I felt, its just the lack of support.  
 The application itself is very simple. The routine is stored in a MySQL database. All I need to do is to update the routine if I'm absent in a particular class. The absent dates are stored in the database. The application automatically calculates the percentage of classes I have attended in each subject and warns me if I'm low on attendance.
The application is currently in alpha stage of development and major features have already been implemented. The last module that I'm working on is trying out a algorithm that will help me to plan my classes so that I can cope up if I'm low on attendance. A bit of AI ;)

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