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Web Projects

In 2010, I had been mostly been doing stuff at home, but as the year passed by I ventured into realtime projects and making sites for different organisations. I have been freelancing for free. But it doesn't matter cause I love coding. I have been associated with a few organisations and working for them. It has been mostly developing websites for them, though I've providing technical solutions to a few of them.

Aarohan (
I'm a part of the Centre for Cognitive Activities Team, National Institute of Technology, Durgapur. They conduct the Annual Techno Management Fest for the Institute. This time I made the site for them. It was a tough one as I was a newbie. But working on it was fun and learnt many things. I had mastered CSS long time back, but PHP was something new and I enjoyed learning it. Along with javascript one can make any sought of dynamic websites you want. The site needed to be interactive and easy to use, as it was a site mostly to be used by the younger human. Creating graphics was a challenge, but photoshoping was easy. I agree that the site is quite crude. But for sure next time it will be amazing.

TEDxNITDurgapur (
This website was developed for the TED talks (an independently organised TED event) organised at NIT-Durgapur. It was used to register participants and also to promote the sponsors. Another important feature was to give off the biographies of the speakers you were to speak out there. The  interesting feature of this website was its menu. It consisted of a phone like dial, where the conventional rectangular menu items were replaced by big squares and quite a fun was added with the CSS3 animation. Rest of the website remains quite simple though - nothing extravagant. Less of PHP - more of a collection of linked pages.

Working with a Kolkata-based lawyer and her team for a website that may well be next generation consumer forum. I have started with a simple site, but as things start getting bigger, the website will surely grow bigger, given that the website is the center of the solution model that has been designed. Currently, a working model for the website has already been developed and debugging and addition of new features is on. I plan on using this as a new forum to use my CSS skills and making a light model site for this.

A Secret Project
Worked with a few other designers on a project that I can't name. But given that it would end up in something like a social networking site, working on it was awesome. Placing of widgets in hotspots of the screen, and keep it more of pictures and less of text was interesting.

Research Project
Created a website, an interactive social networking site, that will help my friends from the Computer Science and Engineering Department  to collect data for their research project and paper. It is an interesting concept, as how pictures can communicate the feeling and sentiment of a human being. It's definitively innovative. This project required different skills like CSS3 and vrious AJAX calls as you always needed to fetch and save data from the databases. This site was initially to be launched as a facebook application and once it goes big, this will be a full fledged stand alone website.

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