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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Finally my first corporate based application reaches testing phase. Taskware, as it is being called, is an advanced task management application that synchronizes all your tasks, projects, contacts and notes over the network. The thing that really makes it different from other task management softwares is that every part of information can be shared over the network with someone if necessary. Few additional features that makes this application special is its cloud storage - file sharing system, the internal messaging system and the accumulation of contacts sensibly. Security has also been taken ample care off, as corporate solutions always require neck tight security.
I'm looking forward to the results of the first real time test of Taskware over the National Institute of Technology Durgapur servers somewhere in the near future.

The Taskware Dashboard


  1. This looks so good it feels like something right out of Google Docs ! Well Done , looking forward to try it out.

  2. Yeah. Pretty much it, but there are reasons why corporate offices don't prefer to use Google Docs. I'm trying to address those problems here. Plus a few more corporate plugins may be.