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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CASE - Revisited!

CASE gets a remake. All the coming soon tags gone and now there is a fully active site capable of handling heavy traffic. A bit heavily loaded cause of the graphics, this version of CASE has got a more beautiful front page because of the textured background and use of CSS3. The menu is neater and more elegant with a semi transparent background. Also the navigation throughout the page has been made easier with sensible placement of navigation  bars in the page. Graphics has been incorporated along with text-shadows and boxes. The point that this site may be viewed on different screen sizes has been aptly been taken care of. All the content being centered in a 1000px wrapper. So 1024x768 is the minimum resolution I'm targeting. Also dividing the page into different panels just like in a grid has made it a lot easier to handle.
Now that the site is up for action, it will be tough to keep it maintained. Giving remake to it will be of secondary concern, providing patches and new modules being the primary one. A lot of exciting plugins and modules are being planned and will provide a lot of functionality and portability to the site. One of the primary modules on the sketchpad being the mobile version of this! So watch out for that.

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