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Friday, December 2, 2011

Windows like menubar using only CSS3

This menu has been created using CSS3 and HTML5. Its really simple and needs to be customized as per the needs. No JavaScript in whatsoever form has been used. This menu can be easily customized by editing the CSS file. One can change the font-size, the colors, the opacity and the fade in and fade out effects of the menu. With the use of the "transform" and "transition" tags of CSS, effects have become really simple. You can even put in animations by using the "keyframes" tag. May be I'll show it in a modified version later.
With the use of the '>' operator now you can make anything appear or disappear whenever you want. Various realtime appications can be noted down as Tooltips, Notifications, Menus, Tabs and much more.

Download link:

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