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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Many news channel and websites use a vertical scrolling bar. This widget solves the same purpose but it has been modified and can be customized easily by editing it with a text editor.
This widget has different backgrounds for headers and the description part. It can be changed by editing the CSS of the widget. Another customization is the scroll speed of the widget. It can be changed by changing the javascript file of the widget. The different parts of the width is a single column table made in HTML, the tags being styled by the CSS. You can go on adding more and more data by adding more rows to this table.
I have added the feature of the earlier photo viewer in this also. Hence the ticker stops as soon as we hover the mouse of the ticker. This is done by editing the javascript of the ticker.
If anyone of you wants to get the source, you can mail at Live free!! 

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